NYC Looks street style photo of Stephon Carson

Meet Stephon Carson from Alfargo’s Marketplace

Stephon Carson is one of the founders of Alfargo’s Marketplace, the best curated menswear vintage event in NYC. In his personal style, Carson mixes classic men’s vintage with Italian flavor and American preppy.

  • Liisa Jokinen

  • Nov 7, 2023

Cover photo: NYC Looks

“I work for The Armoury, a multi-brand mens shop, which I would say is one of the best shops in the world, and I run a pop-up called Alfargo’s Marketplace that I started two years ago. Alfargo’s Marketplace is a pet project of mine which focuses on assembling online independent vintage and clothing sellers into a single physical space. I felt the city was missing this for individuals who are into new, used, and vintage men’s clothing.

The team consists of Elias Marte, Zane Gan, and Nick Andry; they are a huge asset for making the market come to life. We try to have a sale nine to ten times a year.

I’m also part of a friend group called Team Cozy Boys. We started Team Cozy Boys a little before the lockdown and really formed the group over that time period. One of the members coined the name at an event with another member, we’ve all been friends and have added new members along the way (pre-covid). The start of it was really so organic. We just all mesh together via style, food, life goals, similar upbringing, etc.

Here I’m wearing an Alfargo’s cap with an overshirt from Gant Rugger that I found at Gentlemen’s Resale on the Upper East Side, a J.Crew bandana, and Stafford oxford shirt acquired from a Goodwill in South Florida. The trousers are from Cotler, again found at a Goodwill, and a pair of Baudoin & Lange loafers.

I would best describe my style as 30s-40s classic menswear with an Italian flavor and American traditional and preppy details.

Nowadays my style leans more towards the 30s which is one of my favorite decades to pull ideas from for dressing. It’s called the golden age of men’s dressing in terms of silhouette and drape, really sharp, great color combinations, the patterns, everything. The people during that time knew what they were doing.

Which brings me to talk about 80s Armani, who loved the drape from the 30s period and it showed in his brand at the time – nicely draped and a muted color palette to go along with it.

This very well made unlabeled vintage coat is from eBay. I’m wearing it with a Drake’s oxford shirt. A pair made to order denim dress trousers from Collaro, finish it off with a pair of Cordovan penny loafers from Alden.

I discovered vintage clothing when I started to take my parents’ cool gems they had stored away in their closet.

Then I discovered the endless supply at thrift stores. One thing is for sure I wish I knew what I know now back then. Oh man, the stuff I passed on not knowing that could have been the holy grail of finds!

I’m wearing a double breasted blazer from The Armoury made by Ring Jacket with a handkerchief from my great aunt and a J. Crew bandana that always comes in clutch. The made to measure shirt is from a shop called Prologue and the vintage pair of black wash Wrangler denim that I was gifted from my friend Sora.

Last but not least a pair of Alden horse bit loafers that I purchased off of eBay. You can’t go wrong with shoes from Alden, one of the last shoe makers in America. They are handcrafted and will last you your whole life with proper upkeep.

This is one of the many combinations that I have paired with this M65 jacket with. A lightweight outerwear jacket which makes it versatile, and the green shade pairs so well with other items.

For the pictured ensemble I paired it with a Le Alfre blue contrast blue oxford shirt, a vintage golden clasp tie picked up at Salvation Army and a Drakes of London wool sleeveless cardigan vest. I am a big fan of Drakes of London vibrant scarves, ties, pocket squares and also their core basics. On the bottom I have vintage Ralph Lauren chinos purchased off of eBay, tube socks from Front Street Vintage, and a pair of Alden tassel loafers. The specs are from Moscot.

The blazer in this look is a holy grail to me. I’ve always been on the hunt for a vintage patchwork jacket.

They tend to go for a pretty penny on the vintage market. I found this one at the first Alfargo’s Marketplace. Which makes it so special for me – this thing I created helped me find the one item I’ve been on the hunt for! I bought it from a seller who is a Long Island legend named Shane Joseph.“

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