Affiliate Disclosure

We participate in selected affiliate programs. This means that when you click on links to different marketplaces and websites, and make a purchase, we can earn commission. This revenue allows us to run and develop Gem further.

The fact that some product links go through affiliate programs is not a ranking factor in our search algorithm. Listings with affiliate links are not promoted, and we don’t endorse them. Our focus is to run a useful and relevant tool for all buyers and sellers.

Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

Do I need to pay more if I click an affiliate link?

The price is the same whether you find the product through Gem, or buy directly from the same website.

Do affiliate programs affect the content of Gem Stories?

Our Gem Stories are editorial posts – Gem does not get paid for these posts. We write about all things vintage and secondhand, and some stories are about merchants or marketplaces that we have an affiliate program relationship with. Gem Stories themselves don’t include affiliate links, but they can link to searches and listings on Gem that do have affiliate links.


If you have questions about our affiliate programs and links, send us an email