Gem Logo + Images

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Gem Logo

Gem Logo – Black on Transparent

Logo - Black on Transparent

Gem Logo – White on Transparent

Logo - White on Transparent

Gem Logo – Round

Logo - Round

Gem Logo – For Print

Logo for Print

Gem Story Images

Gem Story Images Portrait

Gem Story Image - portrait_christhany.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_jamee.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_kechi.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_leigh.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_liz_1.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_liz_2.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_poppi.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_raissa.jpgGem Story Image - portrait_ringo.jpg

Gem Story Images Landscape

Gem Story Image - landscape_ting.jpgGem Story Image - landscape_lace.jpgGem Story Image - landscape_leigh.jpgGem Story Image - landscape_liz_1.jpgGem Story Image - landscape_liz_2.jpgGem Story Image - landscape_poppi.jpgGem Story Image - landscape_ringo.jpg

Gem Screenshots

Gem on iPhone 12 - 01.pngGem on iPhone 12 - 02.pngGem on iPhone 12 - 03.pngGem on iPhone 12 - 04.pngGem on iPhone 12 - 05.pngGem on iPhone 12 - 06.png