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Thrift Twinsies

Patrice, 29, and Shannon, 28, are childhood friends from Texas and work colleagues. Together they also run Softwild Shop on Depop, selling only items they would wear themselves.
Thrift Twinsies

“Softwild Shop is an extension of our own style. We only sell things that we would wear ourselves and feel good in.

Trends do not inspire us. We are our own inspiration.

We love anything that pops the eye: colors, prints, details. We usually do not buy anything that is black or basic.

Our items are sourced from all over the world from Amsterdam to Tokyo to Thailand. The best shopping places for us have been flea markets in Europe. In the US, Texas is still good for thrifting. New York is not as good as it used to be as we are all doing the same thing here.

The quality of the item is more important to us than how old the item is. We’ve learned how to tell whether or not something is quality vintage or authentic.

If it feels cheap it is most likely made cheap. It can be vintage but still made cheap.

To see if the item is good quality you need to check how it is constructed and what the fiber content is.

This white 80s dress we almost did not put into shop. Maybe one of us will get married wearing it if it does not sell?

It’s tough to decide what to keep and what to sell. It depends on what we think will sell and what kind of collection we’re looking to create. We may love something but need to put it in the shop.

We launched our Depop store 2.5 years ago. We always had fun while while thrifting and shopping and other people seemed to like to what we wore. We figured why not just try it out and see what happens.

All the online shops at that time looked minimal, selling only clothes in white and natural colors. There was a sort of sameness so we just wanted to our own thing.

The name “Softwild” embodies both of us. We and our style is both soft and wild.

We both do everything for the shop. It depends on what needs to be done and who’s available to do it, if not both of us. The digging, the measuring and the photo shoots are the most time-consuming tasks. The digging is the most fun part, too, but only when the selection is good.

To be successful on Depop, well-lit, clear images and consistency are a must, as well as curating. It is also good to avoid having too many items listed to keep the curated feel.

When we’re not on Depop we’re working at a creative agency creating content for beauty brands. As we don’t depop full time our sales depend on whether or not we’ve put time into it. Maybe one day we’ll have a showroom or we’ll completely change the style up from what it is.

Shannon: “Lately I have been into Dynasty looks with peplums and early 2000s bias cut silk dresses. Currently I am looking for white peasant tops with interesting sleeves. I take inspiration from music, even just album covers. For a while Kardashians inspired me, but not in a direct way. When Kim Kardashian wore the Muglier dress for the MET gala it got me inspired. My guy friends inspire me to dress more masculine.”

Patrice: “I’m dreaming of high waisted mom jeans that I could cut into long shorts and wear with a (tweed) vest. Sex and The City has been a huge inspiration lately. I also like all the stuff my mom wears. Most of the times I want to be cute but comfortable.”

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