Portland must be one of the best cities for vintage shopping in the US. We discovered over 30 vintage stores plus several antique and furniture halls which often sell some vintage clothing, too.

If you’re going vintage hunting in Portland, make sure to load my Google Maps list to help you find all the destinations.

We arranged the stores in ten groups (a mix of street names and neighborhoods) which hopefully helps your navigation!

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Portland downtown used to be the home to many of the city's legendary vintage stores like Ray's Ragtime and Magpie. While they have been moved away, new ones have popped up.


Effortless vintage arranged by colors on pink clothing racks, art exhibitions, and slow fashion from Portland designers.

Backtalk 421 SW 10th Ave (503) 477-7144 Update Oct 2019: Permanently closed. @backtalkpdx


Your sports jersey mecca in downtown Portland. Great selection of Trail Blazers gear, snapbacks, band tees, Starter jackets, and “curated attire by Nike, Adidas, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and more”.

Laundry 140 NW 4th Ave Mon-Fri 11-6 Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 @laundrypdx


A minimal and stylish store selling vintage and new local designers’ items. A store for the design-minded and "great things only". Lots of blue denim, neutrals, and natural fibers, curated by the store owner Laura Housgard.

Johan 632 SW Pine St Update Nov 2019: Permanently closed. @shopjohan

Rebels and Heroes

Classic American vintage and workwear from Levi’s denim to Pendleton flannels, army surplus, Carhartt pants, leather jackets, and cowboy boots. Over 400 pairs of Levi’s jeans on the shop floor only, and even more at the storage.

Rebels and Heroes 429 SW 10th Ave Mon-Sun 11-7 @shoprebelsandheroes

Hawthorne Boulevard

Hawthorne Boulevard in Southeast Portland is a good spot to start your vintage shopping as it is home to some of the city’s most well-known vintage stores.

House of Vintage

This is the store what most people think of when they are asked where to shop vintage in Portland. The gigantic, labyrinthine space opened in 1998. Today around 60 sellers sell their gems inside the hall, some of them for over 10 years in a row. There is a year-long waitlist if you want to become a House of Vintage vendor!

Rambling through the booths and racks feels like visiting a thrift store but a nicely curated one. Items are organized by dealer so it is easy to spot which ones have stuff for you. There is an insane amount of t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans, for guys, too. I spotted a cute, pink ‘60s Chanelish I. Magnin two-piece skirt set for $110 and a ‘90s floral-print raincoat with a matching hat by Nordic House Designs $39. Bingo!

House of Vintage 3315 SE Hawthorne Blvd Mon-Sun 11-7 (503) 236-1991 @houseofvintagepdx

Red Light Clothing Exchange

This buy-and-sell store has been in business for over 20 years. Two huge rooms, one for gents and one for ladies, in a space that looks like a former Chinese restaurant with its dark-red walls and painted dragons on balcony railings. The store is great for polyester tops, all kinds of dresses, and any kind of costume you might need. Once a month the store has a 1-dollar sale. Epic? I bet so!

Red Light Clothing Exchange 3590 SE Hawthorne Blvd (503) 963-8888 Mon-Thu 11-8 Fri-Sat 11-9 Sun 12-7 @redlightclothingexchange

In Real Life

One of Portland’s newest vintage stores features a ”curated, eclectic and thoughtful collection”, as described by a friendly shop assistant. Everything is color-coordinated, and there are no separate men’s and women's sections as the store wants to be gender-neutral and inclusive. Sizes range from XS to XL. Most pieces are easy-to-wear everyday basics. A great number of jeans and a rack dedicated to linens in all colors of the rainbow.

In Real Life 3623 SE Hawthorne Blvd Mon-Sun 11-7 @in_real_life_shop

Magpie Vintage

What a treasure trove this store this is! Psychedelic 60s prints, cute bell-bottoms in pastel colors, peasant dresses, 20s silk dresses; without forgetting menswear and 90s vintage. Prices are still reasonable and the cute store dog Gordie guards your shopping. I loved the art-deco styled fitting booths.

Magpie Vintage 1960 SE Hawthorne Blvd (503) 946-1153 Mon-Sat 12-7 Sun 2-6 @magpievintage

Division Street

After exploring the Hawthorne Boulevard, walk a few blocks south to the cute Division Street.

Mister Sister

It both smells, feels, and looks beautiful inside the Mister Sister store. Vintage picks are inspired by the southern Arizona desert: earthy tones, natural fibers, airy pieces. Lots of white lace and blue denim.

Mister Sister 3725 SE Division St (503) 719- 5808 Update Oct 2019: Permanently closed. @mistersisterpdx


Artifact feels like a community center of the neighborhood. The busy buy-and-sell store seems to be everyone’s favorite and it is easy to understand why: Most pieces are under $20, there is free wifi, and once a month the store has a Funday Flea when everything is $1 and all the profits go to a selected charity.

Artifact 3620 SE Division St (503) 230-4831 Mon-Sun 10-8 @artifactpdx

Xtabay Vintage

The most glamorous vintage store in Portland has a beautiful selection of dresses for your more special occasions. The store is famous for its full-skirt 50s dresses and the vintage bridal gowns. A house seamstress takes care that everything fits you perfectly and is in pristine condition.

Xtabay Vintage 2515 SE Clinton St (503) 230-2899 Thu-Sun 11-6 @xtabayvintage


Make an excursion to Hollywood to explore the many stores on the busy Sandy Boulevard.

Hollywood Lux Vintage

The founder of Hollywood Lux Vintage Mary Kate Bassindale is a 6th generation Portlander. A thrifter and collector all her life, it was only natural that she would eventually open her own vintage store. The romantic, cozy store is decorated with Bassindale’s knick-knacks, treasures, and gemstones; reminding me of vintage stores in California.

Hollywood Lux Vintage 4612 NE Sandy Blvd (503) 719-1069 Update Oct 2019: Permanently closed. @hollywoodluxvintage

Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood Babylon specializes in 70s, 80s, and 90s vintage and is aiming to keep the old vibe of Portland up. Reasonable prices and fun finds! Like a Pendleton two-piece flannel set for $134, pretty 40’s dressing gowns, and a Chanel-vibed dark blue wide-legged romper for $38. Check out the other Babylon location on Mississippi Avenue, too.

Hollywood Babylon 4512 NE Sandy Blvd Tue-Sat 12-7 Sun 12-5 @hollywoodbabylonpdx

Teal Flamingo

Teal Flamingo is a hair salon and a buy-sell-trade store, selling and buying modern and true vintage clothing. Eclectic, retro, unisex clothing for all.

Teal Flamingo 1925 NE 42nd Ave (971) 279-2262 Tue-Fri 11-7 Sat 10-6 @tealflamingo

Ray’s Rag Time

The most exciting and legendary vintage store in the City of Roses. The founder Ray Tillotson spent years as a performer and working backstage in theater and film and founded his legendary store more than 30 years ago. Ray’s Rag Time is the store where Courtney Love bought her 30’s gowns and cut them to mini-length in the fitting room. Other famous customers are Chloë Sevigny, George Clooney, and many musicians from bands like Florence and the Machine and The Kooks. Clothing treasures date from as far back as the 1890s.

Ray’s Rag Time 4059 NE Sandy Blvd (503) 226-2616 Mon-Sat 12-8 Sun 1-6 @raysragtimehollywood

NE 28th Avenue

The 28th Avenue is Northwest Portland is home to some of the city’s newest and most exciting vintage stores like Banshee and Wyld Stallyns.

Hollywood Vintage

This huge vendor mall is a Hollywood equivalent to the Hawthorne Boulevard’s House of Vintage. Up to 70 vendors sell their clothing items, accessories, knick-knacks, home goods and other treasures here.

Hollywood Vintage 2757 Northeast Pacific Street (503) 233-1890 Mon-Sun 11-6 @hollywoodvintagepdx


A contemporary and fresh take on vintage, natural fibers from cotton to silk, curated by three lovely ladies. Beautiful silk blouses, cute dresses, some rare designer items too. I fell in love with a pink-and-white pajama set by Christian Dior and a baby-blue Laura Ashley dress. A bright, sunny store everyone should visit while in Portland.

Banshee 2410 E Burnside St Mon-Sun 11-7 @shopbanshee

Wyld Stallyns Vintage

If you love colorful 80s vintage or leather jackets, this is the store for you. Wyld Stallyns is one of the newest stores in Portland with a sharp, curated focus: fun 80s stuff only. They even have some authentic hammer pants, neon-colored bike pants, and a mini collection of thrifted unicorn artworks.

Wyld Stallyns Vintage 7 SE 28th Ave Mon-Sun 12-7 @wyldstallynsvintage

Avant Garden Vintage

Andrea, the owner of Avant Garden Vintage, is a fourth generation Portlander, and has been in the vintage business for 21 years. You can be sure everything inside the store is true vintage, from the Victorian era to the 80s. The store specializes in vintage eyewear, mid-century menswear, the 20s and the 30s being Andrea’s favorite decades to sell.

Avant Garden Vintage 2853 SE Stark St (503) 283-4184 Sun-Wed 2-7 Thu-Sat 2-8 @avantgardenvintage

SE 2nd Avenue

Two interesting vintage stores hide inside the western, industrial part of Buckman. While you are in the neighborhood, check out the furniture hall Urbanite, too. They have some nice vintage clothing from Bee & Mason and Lyon Falls among others.

Animal Traffic

The outdoors-inspired store sells US-made brands for men and women plus some vintage. Great spot for buying goofy t-shirts, workwear, denim or leather jackets, and flannel shirts. The whole store is a nod to American West and its heritage.

Animal Traffic Update Oct 2019: Permanently closed. @animaltrafficpdx

Decades of Dope

Dee Casey and his crew sell vintage streetwear from the 80s to the 00s in this white-walled former warehouse space. Items are arranged by type (sports jerseys, t-shirts, jackets etc) and colorful posters line the walls. 1-dollar sales event once a month!

Decades of Dope (503) 754-5315 204 SE Alder St Every day 12-7 Closed Wed @decades_of_dope_


Three cute stores selling vintage literally next to each other in this street in Buckman neighborhood.

Hattie’s Vintage Clothing

Hattie’s is one of the oldest true vintage stores in Portland, selling pre-80s clothing for women and men. A great selection of cocktail dresses and all kinds of accessories from hats and shoes to belts. Classic, staple men’s styles include suits, coats, shoes, ties, and cufflinks. While helping her customers Hattie plays vinyl records, guaranteeing the authentic and welcoming atmosphere of her cute store.

Hattie’s Vintage Clothing 729 E Burnside St #101 Mon-Sun 11.30-6.30 (503) 238-1938 @hattiesvintage

jewelry at Pop Up Shoppe vintage store in Portland, OR

Pop Up Shoppe

This colorful, jam-packed store has a little bit of everything for all genders from clothes to knick-knacks and books. Women-owned, rock’n roll inspired!

Pop Up Shoppe 729 E Burnside St #105 Wed-Sun 12-7 (503) 241-2557 @popupshoppevintage


What started as a bridal store has now evolved into a boutique selling vintage, second-hand, and local designers’ unique items. The price point for the pre-loves items is $15-60. I spotted fancy pink 60s knickers for $20 and almost took them home with me.

Haunt 811 E Burnside St, #112 (503) 810 3936 Wed-Fri 12-5 @hauntportland

Mississippi & Williams

Two fun streets full of nice bars and restaurants and some great vintage, too, of course!

Zero Wave

Inspired by new wave and other 80s pop culture and music, Zero Wave is popular among college students. Pretty 80s colors dominate the interior. In July the store is moving to a bigger space next door. The new space will be also an all-ages music place with early show times and free entrance.

Zero Wave 722 N Killingsworth St Mon-Tue and Thu-Sun 11-6 Closed Wed (971) 266-3492 @zer0wave

Workshop Vintage

A nicely decorated and organized vintage store established in 2014. The high ceilings make the space feel airy and bright. Spotted some summery gingham pieces, many cute dresses, and great overcoats.

Workshop Vintage 4011 N Williams Ave Mon-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-6 (503) 206-5813 @workshop_vintage


The Mississippi location of Babylon Vintage shares the same space with the Beacon Sound record store and Indent Magazines with a dedicated art space. I spotted a delightful amount of garments in large sizes and fun colors. Check out the other Babylon Vintage location on Sandy Boulevard in Hollywood, too.

Babylon Vintage 3636 N Mississippi Ave Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat 12-7 Fri-Sat 12-8 @shopbabylonvintage


Alberta is a fun street with many art galleries, nice restaurants, and several vintage clothing shops.

a clothing rack at the Bristlecone Vintage store in Portland, OR

Bristlecone Vintage

Seven years ago Audie Smith returned to her childhood neighborhood, Alberta, and opened the Bristlecone Vintage store. She sells casual, daily, and utilitarian clothing from the 40s to the 90s. I loved the many skirts in pink, the sizeable swimsuit collection, and the cute apron decorations in the shopping windows.

Bristlecone Vintage 4932 NE 30th Ave (503) 358-3395 Wed-Sun 12-6 @bristleconevintage

Psychic Sister

Behind a tarot & gemstone store hides a huge ballroom-looking hall full of fancy vintage pieces: lots of 80s prom-style dresses, peplums, sequins, ruffles, shoulder pads, all kinds of wedding dresses from showy to modest and cute. A place for psychic wisdom, sistehood, and magic!

Psychic Sister 1829 NE Alberta St (971) 420-2962 Mon-Sun 11-7 @psychicsister

Zig Zag Wanderer

Zig Zag Wanderer sells easy, wearable everyday clothing, mostly from the 80s and the 90s. Everything is gender-neutral, natural materials and colors dominate. Also some rugs and jewelry.

Zig Zag Wanderer 1458 NE Alberta St Mon-Sun 11-6 (503) 737-5014 @zigzagwandererpdx


This residential neighborhood in inner southeast Portland is a bit further away but it is the home of one of the most popular stores in the city: Red Fox Vintage.

Red Fox Vintage

This popular vendor mall has a little bit of everything: mostly second hand clothing, some true vintage, also books, records, magazines, homegoods. A Man Cave room is dedicated to men's second hand: I spotted nice deadstock denim, perfectly-worn out Levi’s, and nice Pendleton flannels. Red Fox is much loved by local people and that alone is a reason to check it out.

Red Fox Vintage 4528 SE Woodstock Blvd (971) 302-7065 Mon-Sun 11-7 @redfoxvintagewoodstock