Berriez showroom in Brooklyn, NYC

The Guide to NYC Vintage Showrooms

Discover the hidden NYC vintage showrooms with our guide.

  • Liisa Jokinen

  • Apr 30, 2024

Cover photo: Gloria Kilborne for Berriez

If you are looking for a more intimate and personal way to shop vintage, showrooms may be a great choice. Usually, showrooms operate by appointment only, but they can also have open days when anyone can visit without a prior booking.

“Shopping in a showroom gives you a one-on-one shopping experience. A lot of women are not quite sure what they are looking for style-wise, and having someone handpick the garments that fit them and accentuate their figure is such a treat,” says Jade Oliver, founder of Vintage Queens NYC.

Visiting a showroom can feel like finding a rare hidden gem – like discovering the door to a speakeasy bar. “A showroom is a bit like a treehouse, a club if you will. It’s something people can really indulge in … there is no rush, and people can really make their own space there”, says Christine Messersmith, founder of The Zoo Boutique showroom.

Emma Zack’s showroom specializes in plus-inclusive secondhand and independent designers. “My customers say they love the privacy of shopping at a showroom. For plus-size customers who have truly had the worst shopping experiences, it can be traumatic to go shopping! The privacy of the showroom, I think, makes it a little more comfortable”, says Emma.

A showroom visit can teach you much more about a garment’s history than shopping at a regular store. “Ideally, we provide more than just shopping; our goal is to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of the timelessness and allure of vintage,” says Hayden Curtin, founder of Upper East Vintage.

The most intimate showrooms are based out of owners’ private homes. “I love running the showroom from my home. I can relax, wear my pajamas, and I feel everyone who comes and visits becomes my new best friend!” says Janelle Best of Desert Stars Vintage.

Here is a list of the showrooms operating out of New York City – check them out and book your visit!

Designer Vintage

258pm Salon

258pm Salon curates fine vintage and designer garments spanning from the 1970s to the 2000s. Originally launched as an online business in 2019, 258pm Salon has now opened its showroom in midtown Manhattan. “It serves as a time capsule and a creative space, where timeless design is celebrated, and exceptional craftsmanship is showcased through playful styling and eclectic visual aesthetics,” the founders describe.

258pm Salon’s showroom offers customers a tangible experience and the opportunity to explore their curated collection firsthand. Hermès quilts, Issey Miyake pleats, Prada sport, Missoni knits, Loewe leather, Romeo Gigli silks, and YSL ensembles are among the founders’ favorites. Additionally, in the future, 258pm Salon plans to exhibit works by artists and designers that resonate with their aesthetics.

115 W 30th St #905, New York, NY

Allison’s Archive

Allison Dickerman majored in textiles and was always interested in fashion. When the company she was working for closed down it was only natural for her to start selling her own vintage clothing at flea markets and buying more items to resale. When she managed to get a studio space in East Williamsburg, she opened a showroom.

Allison’s collection is a mix of established brands like Dior and Vivienne Westwood, popular brands but not so accessible here in the US (think Blumarine and Dsquared), and ”underdogs” like Miss Sixty.

Allison’s Archive

The Zoo Boutique

The inventory is a fun mix of everything the founder, Christine Messersmith, likes: 90s and y2k vintage, practical cotton Edwardian pieces, pre-70s American counter-culture handcrafted folk pieces, and vintage sportswear from the 50s-70s. One of the biggest selections consistently provided is the wall of belts, atelier leather work from the pre-1980s. There is no fast fashion ever, but a wide range for every budget.

Items are sourced worldwide and mostly in person by Chrstine herself. The focus is more on the specialty and age of the items than on brands.

DM on Instagram to book an appointment or visit during the open weekend hours. You can also shop The Zoo collection online and at Shop86 in Greenpoint.

The Zoo Boutique

Treasures of NYC

Appointments for this big and luxurious showroom sell out fast, so keep an eye out for the announcements on their website. You can also wait for cancellations if the next month’s slots sell out.

High-end fashion brands like Celine, Chanel, Dior, and Prada focus on accessories and 90s and Y2K. This showroom, run by Brit Blanco-Bird, is a fashion girlies’ heaven.

Treasures of NYC
69 Mercer St

New York Vintage

Founded in 1999 by Shannon Hoey and Jon Schneck, New York Vintage is one of the city’s most famous vintage showrooms and collections. It has a museum-quality collection of designer vintage and an archive that spans more than 10 decades of fashion, with pieces from Chanel, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Schiaparelli, and Halston. New York Vintage’s items have been worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, among many others. The sad part is that it is rental only.

New York Vintage
117 W 25th St

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90s and 2000s Vintage

Desert Stars Vintage

This TikTok famous showroom is every fashion girl’s dream.

After finding a jackpot, a Greek designer’s haute couture archive from the late 90s and early 2000s, Janelle Best opened a showroom at her home in Brooklyn. Best wants to offer her clients one-of-a-kind vintage items that you can’t find anywhere else. The vibe is pastels, colorful, light, silky, and fun.

Not all Janelle’s pieces are for sale but you are welcome to play dress up with everything. Most clients stay here for hours!

Desert Stars Vintage

Femme NYC & Elevated Atelier

Wife-and-husband duo Jose and Andrea run this showroom plus sewing studio space in a former Christian Louboutin headquarters.

The couple started slinging vintage furniture in Bay Area but transitioned into more clothes because of the lack of space. While Jose makes upcycled garments and restores old t-shirts, Andrea sells anything from the 60s to y2k. The collection is a mix of street, luxury, and reworked.

Femme NYC

Elevated Atelier

Futura Fine

Alexis Finley opened the showroom after realizing she owned too many clothes to keep them all herself. Alexis is also a student who coordinates Hot Girl Flea Market events in NYC and LA.

There are two styles at the showroom: nostalgic 90s and y2k (Juicy Couture, Baby Phat, Playboy, Hysteric Glamor, Betty Boop, and Looney Tunes) and sophisticated 90s model off-duty (genuine leather jackets, mesh blouses, basic staples with unique silhouettes, and gorgeous maximalist pieces). New arrivals weekly, plus sizes, and generous $10 bins for friends with a budget.

Futura Fine

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Older Vintage

Vintage Queens of NYC

Jade Oliver’s showroom in Astoria, Queens, was one of the first vintage showrooms in the city. It feels like stepping back in time the moment you enter.

Clothing from the Edwardian era through the 90s with an emphasis on the 40s, 50s, and 60s. You will find evening and day wear, accessories, and jewelry in the shop. Plus a large collection of vintage hats from the costumes of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Vintage Queens NYC
18-23 Astoria Blvd, Queens

Upper East Vintage

The collection at Upper East Vintage is sourced globally, each unique piece showcasing the character of each city where it is from. Avoiding trends, the team looks for pieces that reflect quality, design, and craftsmanship – whether a designer, a department store label, or a handmade piece. The founder Hayden especially loves Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, female designers including Bonnie Cashin, Mollie Parnis, and Emma Domb, as well as lesser-known labels like Adini.

Upper East Vintage
675 Madison Avenue #3F

22 Print Studio

With a decades-long career in retail and fashion, Elleen Rosenberger knows her stuff. She launched her vintage business and showroom in 2002.

This showroom offers everything from dresses to blouses and jackets for women, with a strong emphasis on prints and vintage from the 40s to early 90s. If you love colorful printed dresses from the 60s or 70s, this showroom is for you. Reasonable prices range from $60 to a maximum of $200.

22 Print Studio
10 West 33rd St, Suite 1120

Postwar Vintage

Lav Mahadevan chose to open a showroom because she values the opportunity to get to know and connect with her customers in-person and to discuss the stories behind each piece. Lav mostly stocks items from the 60s and earlier, including souvenir jackets, denim, workwear, and military clothing. She particularly enjoys sfinding pieces from lesser-known brands like Dubbleware and Biltwell, but she also has more familiar brands like Levi’s and Champion. The inventory consists of both menswear and womenswear to accommodate a variety of customers - much of the clothing she sources is unisex.

Postwar Vintage

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Size Inclusive


Vintage in sizes XL-4XL and a selection of emerging designers from around the world who make pieces in plus sizes: Greta Garmel, Fyoocher, Megan O’Cain, Nena Hansen, and many more. Founder Emma also curates a selection of accessories from women designers across the world.

You can book a private appointment or attend one of Berriez’ pop-ups, which usually happen every other weekend.

544 Park Avenue Studio 510, Brooklyn

Wedding Gowns

Happy Isles

Lily Kaizer’s appointment-only vintage salon Kaizer specializes in helping you find vintage ensembles for your wedding day. All styles, from minimal to romantic, racks upon racks of vintage Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and Christian Dior. Also, there is a collection of bold and bright gowns and suits for those who prefer not to wear white on their important day.

Happy Isles
134 Spring St, New York, NY 10012