Austin is the vintage mecca of America: the amount of vintage stores will blow your mind. Here is a link to my Google Maps list to help you explore the city. It includes 21 vintage stores in four different neighborhoods.


The hipster neighborhood of Austin has plenty of vintage shopping. The majority of the stores are located near South Congress Avenue. For that reason the neigborhood is also often called simply South Congress.

Bloomers and Frocks

A store for romantic souls, brides searching for that special bridal gown, ladies looking for Great Gatsby style dresses, 50s ball gowns, rayon dresses, or just comfortable vintage knit sets. Everything is color-coordinated, clean, and neatly organized. There is even some vintage swimwear, a good amount of bigger sizes, and lots of accessories to complete your look. All the items are from the 1960s or older. I fell in love with owner Rebekka Adams and her warm personality. You are at good hands when she is around.

Bloomers and Frocks 1628 South 1st St, Austin 78704 (512) 715-4611 Tue-Sat 11-7 Sun 12-4

Prototype Vintage Design

If you have time to visit only one store in Austin, make Prototype your destination. Like the slogan says: “All killer, no filler.” Every item is great, wearable, fun. All vintage (mostly from the 60s and the 70s), but fitting the contemporary style. The store is bursting with color; probably because it is inspired by Pop-Art and its futurism. The store has clothes for both women and men and children, too.

Prototype Vintage Design 1700 1/2 South Congress, Austin 78704 (512) 447-7686 Mon-Sun 11-7


If you love silk, kimonos, suede, or Edwardian clothing, this is your store. Also an impressive selection of cowboy and leather boots. Possibly the most instagrammable store in the city!

Feathers 1700-B South Congress (enter on Milton St), Austin 78704 (512) 912-9779 Mon-Sun 11-7 @feathersboutiquevintage


I loved this store because there was so much to discover, in every tiny packed room, from wall to ceiling. Visiting Flashback was a good, satisfying hunt. You might also like the fact that the owner, Marsha, hasn’t changed the pricing since she opened in 1982.

Flashback 1906 South 1st St, Austin 78704 (512) 445-6906 Mon-Fri 12-7 Sat 11-6 Sun 11-5

Garment Modern + Vintage

I have been a fan of Garment ever since we discovered their collections at A Current Affair vintage show in Brooklyn a couple of years ago. The owner, Masha, somehow manages to find the most amazing, unique, breathtakingly beautiful pieces. Have plenty of time to give the store the attention it deserves! Some gems I drooled over: a 90s Carolina Herrera sequin houndstooth dress, a 60s Dior gown in colorful, folk-inspired floral print (see the photo), an 80s embroidered blouse from Oscar de la Renta.

Garment Modern + Vintage 701-F South Lamar Blvd, Austin 78704 (512) 462-4667 Mon-Sat 11-7 Sun 12-5 @garment_modern


The sister store of Garment, right next door! The best consignment store in Austin. So not technically vintage but I simply could not omit this one because the store is huge and it is full of high-end clothes and accessories from top labels and designers. You are bound to find something here.

Moss 705 South Lamar Blvd, Austin 78704 (512) 916-9961 Mon-Sat 11-7 Sun 12-6 @mossaustin

Stardust Vintage

Huge, fun, and youthful store at the outskirts of the Bouldin neighborhood. Multiple vendors, lots to discover, and super-long opening hours.

Stardust Vintage 2810 Manchaca Rd, Austin 78704 (512) 551-2678 Fri-Wed 11-9 @stardustvintageatx

Passport Vintage

Your denim destination number 1. If this store is good enough for Levi’s staff, it is good for you, too. The owners Maria and Ryan love vintage denim, and are walking dictionaries on the subject. Also a large selection of vintage tees from the 70s–mid 90s.

Passport Vintage 2217 South 1st Street, Unit A, Austin 78704 (512) 814-6503 Mon-Sat 11-7 Sun 12-5 @passportvintage

East Austin

I biked around East Austin which was fun but a bit too exhausting, I have to admit. So I recommend getting a car if you want to hit all these stores in one day.

Blackfeather Vintage Works

The owner Greg Woolridge is always on the hunt. He seems to have an eye for the weirdest and therefore the most delightful things. The store is good at 70s maxi dresses, western suede jackets, velvet capes, and men’s items in quality materials such as leather, denim, and wool.

Blackfeather Vintage Works 979 Springdale Rd, Suite 98, Austin 78702 (512) 904-0154 Thurs-Sun 12-6 @blackfeathervintageworks

Charm School Vintage

Charm School Vintage seems to be everyone’s favorite and I understand why: there is something fabulous and exciting for every person. Tightly-packed racks hide everything from t-shirts to gorgeous designer pieces. A poetic, romantic, feminine store. Crystals and tarots included.

Charm School Vintage 1111 East 11th St, Suite 150, Austin 78702 (512) 524-0166 Mon-Sun 11-7 @charmschoolvintage


A minimalistic store selling carefully curated vintage and new independent labels. Lots of white cotton, blue denim, neutral colors. One of the newest stores in Austin.

Lovecraft 1107 East 11th St, Austin 78702 Wed-Sat 11-6 Sun 12-5 @shoplovecraft

Las Cruxes

The award for the most beautiful vintage store in Austin goes to Las Cruxes! But the light-filled white space is more than a boutique: it is place connecting art, fashion, music, design, and literature. The store has its own radio show and hosts events and art exhibitions. This store alone could be a reason to move to Austin. (The second reason would be Barton Springs). Oh and the vintage racks! Delicious colors like pink and lime green and iridescent shades á la Sies Marjan, puffed shoulders, cute sandals – absolutely great curation.

Las Cruxes Permanently closed.

Prisma Vintage

I love how colorful this store is! It just simply made me happy. Fancy sequin blouses greeted me at the door. The two-piece set selection was so large I had troubles picking up just one (My choice was a baby-blue sequin set with whirlwind decorations. Still thinking about a pink pajama silk set, too.) Lots of denim, boots, and jewelry.

Prisma Vintage 1008 East 6th St, Austin 78702 (512) 574-1034 Sun-Wed 12-20 Thu-Sat 12-22 @prisma_vintage

Mutual Feelings

The coolest and the bravest of the Austin vintage stores. This store shows what you are going to wear next year. If you are young enough to be able to pull off early 2000’s mesh tops, cargo pants, mini backpacks, and crop tops, then do not miss this store. Keywords: cyber, rave, punk!

Mutual Feelings Permanently closed.

North Loop

As compact as it can get: North Loop is basically three small malls within walking distance of each other.

Blue Velvet Vintage Clothing

A dress heaven! At Blue Velvet you are guaranteed to find a vintage dress in your size. I fell in love with a Gunne Sax for less than $60. Most dresses sell for around $30. A sizable men’s selection, too, and a handy location next to a 24hr coffee shop and a record store at a cute little mall.

Blue Velvet Vintage Clothing 217 West North Loop Blvd, Austin 78751 (512) 452-2583 Mon-Sat 11-8 Sun 11-7 @bluevelvetvintage

Ermine Vintage

The owner EJ Anderson wanted to recreate an authentic 90s Austin vintage store and that’s how Ermine was born. I salute the affordable pricing, relaxed atmosphere, and EJ's personal curation.

Ermine Vintage 106 East North Loop Blvd, Austin 78751 (512) 419-9440 Tue-Sun 11-7 @erminevintage

Revival Vintage

Eight vintage clothing (and furniture) sellers under one roof. A wide denim selection, and a huge amount of 50s-90s dresses. Garments for both him and her. Neatly organized racks and a well-light space make the store a great shopping destination.

Revival Vintage 100 East North Loop Ste A, Austin 78751 (512) 524-2029 Mon-Sun 11-7

Big Bertha’s Paradise

This eclectic store is for those of you who care about iconic brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Azzedine Alaïa, and Gucci. I adored a Comme des Garçons blazer which was (luckily?) in size XS so I could only dream of fitting in. The shop assistant was one of the sweetest person in the city!

Big Bertha’s Paradise 112 East North Loop Blvd, Austin 78751 (512) 444-5908 Tue-Sun 12-5 @berthasparadise512

New Bohemia

Unfortunately this store was under massive renovation when I knocked at the door. Based on the reputation and the size I dare to recommend without ever visiting it.

New Bohemia 4631 Airport Blvd, Ste 116, Austin 78751 (512) 420-9099 Mon-Sun 11-9

The Drag

The Drag is a nickname for a portion of Guadalupe Street that runs along the western edge of the University of Texas campus. There is a great vintage store at both ends of the street.

Lo-Fi Vintage

Youthful store for youthful people: t-shirts, streetwear brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess Jeans, and Polo Sport, 90s mini skirts, crop tops, platform shoes. For the fans of 90s and 2000s fashions.

Lo-Fi Vintage 604 W 29th St, Austin 78705 (512) 792-9663 Mon-Sat 12-9 Sun 12-8 @lofiatx

Monkies Vintage and Thrift

Monkies is so good at vintage rock tees they even provide them to other Austin stores. Lots of 90s streetwear and sportswear: snapbacks, sport jerseys, wind breakers. Popular among the students from Texas University next door.

Monkies Vintage and Thrift 1904 Guadalupe St C, Austin 78705 (512) 520-4595 Mon-Sat 12-8 Sun 12-6 @monkiesvintageatx

P.S. For more Austin vintage tips check out the epic Austin Vintage Around Town Guide! Their map helped me to make this story.