Technicolor Dream

Marisol Muro is many things: an illustrator, art fabricator, prop and costume maker, stylist, and vintage seller. And most importantly, a vintage lover.
Technicolor Dream

“My style is eclectic, like an old technicolor film. Most people describe it very 60s and 70s but I mix a lot of eras without people noticing, haha. I try not to get stuck doing just one thing, it gets boring for me. I like a fun challenge. I’m not afraid of expressing myself with clothing.

I get my style inspiration from absolutely everywhere and everything. I come across so many beautiful garments and they inspire me with a whole new vision.

I love 60s Malia Hawaiian resort dresses. They have a lot of big prints, cute little belts and ruffles – all details that I love.

I found this at Rosebowl Flea Market. That market is my jam. That’s where I really dig in and find some great gems, sometimes at amazing prices and sometimes not so much, but still worth every penny. The Orange Circle Antique Mall in Orange, CA, has some pretty great stuff too. Lots of unique pieces and great for inspiration.

I collect too many things! For instance, I love sunglasses but I try not to buy any more – except I hope I can treat myself to Peter Max frames one day. Asymmetrical frames are my favorites.

Wearing sunglasses, you kind of become a different character because they make your face look so different, like a costume.

I have recently been cleaning out my closet and have found my collection of dreamy nighties is kind of out of control. It’s the pastel fluffy angelic look of them that I can’t resist.

If I could, I would wear just a leotard and tights every day. This hand-sewn sequin Donald Duck leotard is one of my best vintage finds ever.

I am very inspired by Disneyland. Walt Disney had a whole vision and that is what I want to do, too: to design everything from clothes to interiors.

I also have this orange and purple swimsuit with large orange buttons down the center that I absolutely adore. I like wearing it with jeans in the summer.

I like to wear vintage because it’s very special. Especially all the unique handmade pieces you come across. Getting to own those pieces, you know someone sewed together in their home, hand-stitched their own label on it with their name, all the cute trim details they neatly stitched. It’s all so lovely. I love anything that can make my outfit more fun.

In this top I combined my own illustration, made it into a pattern and made the piece. Every time I draw something I am thinking about it as a print. The first time I shared one of my designs on Instagram, I was blown away by the positive reaction and love I received for it.

Now I want to incorporate my designs into clothes and launch my own clothing line. I want to make beautiful blouses with big sleeves and collars and dresses in sheer fabrics that make you look angelic!”

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