How To Make Most Of Your Winter Outfits With Accessories

How To Make Most Of Your Winter Outfits With Accessories

Accessorize your winter outfits to the next level with fun secondhand accessories.

  • Liisa Jokinen

  • Jan 23, 2024

Cover photo: Authentic Thrift Co

Getting dressed during the winter can feel very limiting as the main focus is how to stay warm. Layers can make you feel clumsy and at some point you start to get tired of all your cold-weather coats. But when you compliment your winter outfit with fun and colorful accessories, winter dressing can be a joy, too.


Knit beanies are a perennial wintertime staple. Follow Leandra Medine’s advice and style them with feminine statement earrings. That makes the look more feminine and whimsical.

We love 70s and 80s colorful, sporty beanies and super chunky ones from contemporary labels like Ganni and Samuji.

Type in ‘beanie’ in Gem search, and you will get over 100k results! Remember to check the tag before making the purchase: the more plastic in the yarn, the less warm the hat will be.

Turbans & Hats

Turban is a classic choice you can wear in winter, too. Just make sure it has some padding and is big enough to cover your ears.

The origins of turbans are uncertain – this type of hat has been worn in many parts of the world already thousands of years ago. Some of the ancient civilizations like Ancient India, Mesopotamia, Sumerians, and Babylonians used turbans.

Winter is also a great time to experiment with whimsical felt and wool hats. Just throw on your everyday wool coat and a sculptural hat and voilá – your statement outfit is ready.

Photo: misswarner on Poshmark

Fleece Accessories

The 90s is back and so are fleece bucket hats! Fleece hats have been all over the fast fashion stores this fall but keep your cool and choose secondhand first.

A history bite: Polar fleece originated in Massachusetts in 1979 when Malden Mills (now Polartec LLC), and Patagonia developed Synchilla (synthetic chinchilla). It was a new, light, strong pile fabric meant to mimic, and in some ways surpass, wool.

There is one downside to this material: it is not especially environmentally friendly and when washed, can generate microplastics. Do not wash your fleece pieces often and when you do, use cold water, turn the garments inside out before washing, and do not use excessive amounts of detergent.


The earmuffs were invented by Chester Greenwood in 1873, at the age of 15! Greenwood grew up ice skating in Maine and after experiencing the pain only a frozen earlobe can give, he developed a pair of earmuffs by getting his grandmother to attach pads of beaver fur to a wireframe.

Greenwood patented his invention and by his mid-20s, 50,000 pairs of Greenwood Champion Ear Protectors were being mass-produced annually at a factory in his hometown of Farmington. By the time Greenwood died in 1937, production had reached 400,000 pairs annually, making Farmington the “earmuff capital of the world.”

Recently earmuffs have been trending again – probably because they are cute and do not destroy your hairdo!

Photo: PrimaMona
Photo: Moon Moon

Colorful Gloves

At the risk of sounding repetitive, choose bright-colored gloves, and your outfit is instantly elevated. If we had to pick one color, we would recommend bright red here. It goes with any color and looks especially delicious with the brown of the classic camel coat.

Hand-knit Scandinavian mittens are another fun alternative – they have century-long traditions and often the patterns can be traced down to the village where they were born.

Photo: ronniescloset2 on eBay
Photo: Miju Maju

Moon Boots

Moon boot – the trendy statement piece of winter footwear!

They were first created as après-ski wear in the early 1970s by manufacturer Tecnica Group of Giavera del Montello in Italy, writes The New York Times. They became a popular fad in the years following the Apollo 11 moon landing and resurfaced as a retrofuturistic fashion trend in the early 2000s.

Company founder Giancarlo Zanatta, after watching the lunar landing and being inspired by the shape and technology of the astronauts’ boots, drew sketches and then began to design and develop the original Moon Boot. Tecnica registered worldwide the trademark Moon Boot in 1978.

Brooches & Bracelets

Lastly, wear your jewelry this winter on top of your outerwear. Decorate your hats and jackets with brooches, or fasten a scarf with one. Do not hide bracelets under the sleeves but wear them on top of them. And who says you could not layer a necklace on top of your coat, too? Let your jewelry show!