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Five Bold Outfits (Because You Can Wear Them, Too)

Vintage vendor Nicole Murillo, 37, likes to stand out. Wearing vintage helps her to express herself in ways that feel safe.
Five Bold Outfits (Because You Can Wear Them, Too)

“The older I get, the more open I am to dressing weirder and weirder. I love color, and mixing patterns and texture, and being too much in general.

Age is a social construct and I have never limited myself to wearing a prescribed attire. I like to stand out with my clothing choices.

I'm actually pretty shy but I wearing a loud print or color helps me express myself in ways that feel safe.

I am heavily influenced by the 80s and 90s, that's when I grew up and it feels nostalgic for me. I do a little bit of 70s vintage but the items have to be comfortable.

Some of my favorite go-to items include 90s baby doll dresses, sheer fabrics, elastic waistband pants, rompers, and two pieces sets.

I find the construction and the sizing of older garments prohibitive sometimes. I respect those eras of clothing and history but I don't tend to want to wear them on my body for long periods of time.

For my vintage business I try to source clothing that I would wear myself but in all sizes. A fellow vintage dealer early on told me to get clothing that I would want to wear. I mostly do that and run with it.

I don’t hold on to pieces for a long time. They seldom have sentimental value to me. If I loved a garment but I'm not wearing it enough it deserves to go to a home that will. It definitely helps to have this mindset in this industry, but it’s also part of the way I grew up.

My mother would always say if you bring one item in, you should let go of two. It stuck with me.

I love the recycling aspect of vintage. It is the opportunity to collect items that have a story and give them a new story.

Comfort isn't just about being sensible it's about feeling like yourself.

I love the contrast of wearing comfortable pieces with uncomfortable pieces. For instance, the combination of track pants and heels is so silly I love it.

Clothing shouldn't be gendered and I think that's why I love playing with vintage so much. I have noticed people pay less attention to gender when they are shopping vintage.

If the garment fits you and you feel good in it, gender really doesn't matter.

I'm usually pretty busy every day so when I style my outfits in the morning I always keep comfort in mind. Sometimes a pair of earrings I want to wear that day can spark a whole outfit. Sometimes the way I need to wear my hair will inspire my look. It's different every day depending on my mood.”

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