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Best Tailors, Cleaners & Cobblers in NYC

We asked, and Gem community answered: Here is a list of the best clothes and shoe maintenance services in New York City.

  • Liisa Jokinen

  • Feb 27, 2024

Cover photo: Eva Joan Repair

The best tailors and cobblers are the ones you can trust: vintage garments are unique, loved by their owners, and often carrying memories. The best way to find a trusted professional is to ask for recommendations – and that’s what we did. We asked our community for their favorites in NYC and the results are here!

Shoe Repair Shops

Cesar’s Shoe Repair

“I’ve been going to Cesar’s Shoe Repair since Q2 of 2019. They’ve fixed soles of my shoes, made things look brand new that were aged, have fixed the vachetta on Louis Vuitton bags for a fraction of the price that Louis Vuitton charges. It’s always been super reasonable, with the nicest team working there. Shoe repairs have been under $30, the bag repair was under $50.” – Jacques J Point du Jour

Cesar’s Shoe Repair
180 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 961-6119

Cobbler Shoe Spa

“I’ve been going to Cobbler Shoe Spa for about 4 years. I take all of my designer heels there (especially Manolo Blahniks). Tony does an amazing job of keeping the integrity of the shoe while bringing it back to life. I have tried other cobblers that don’t understand designer shoes and that is a problem when not matching the quality of work to the shoe. Tony’s price range for a sole repair is anywhere from $25-$50 depending on the damage.” – Eclectic Inventory

Cobbler Shoe Spa
225 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011
(212) 381-4499

Hector’s Shoe Repair

“I’ve been going to Hectors for 6 years — they always do a good job repairing shoes, and I regularly bring them things I’ve thrifted that are fairly damaged. They’ve made so many things wearable again, including several pairs of cowboy boots that they’ve had to reconstruct soles for. I think their prices are fair — it’s not inexpensive but the quality of the work is worth the price.” - Anna Thibeault, BFF Vintage

“Hector’s Shoe Repair comes with a FIT accessories department stamp of approval. While a student there in the early 2000s designing shoes and handbags, I was introduced to their magic craftsmanship as the go-to for refined touches and excellence. These days it seems to me no shoe horror is irreversible with their fine eye and precise work. No heel to wobbly, platform uneven, or sole worn through! Just bring both shoes so the pair gets a rejuvenating spa day together. Lastly, it's family-run and a West Village original worth the travel to support. The cost of their services is fair.” - Dagmara

Hector's Shoe Repair
11 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014
(212) 727-1237

Columbus Shoe Repair

“Been their customer for 10 years! I recommend them because they are fair-priced and do excellent work. I’ve had new soles added for $20, heel taps for $5, but the most work was the two pairs of boots Luis did for me. He took a pair of boots and measured each of my calves so that he could add a custom panel to the back seam for them to fit my calves. One pair of boots was lace with boning and beading – he added a panel and sewed the beading back on by hand, for a seamless look. For the boots with the beading he only charged me $100 for all that work, and for my other boots, he did the same process and measured my calves at the start and had me come in a few days later so he could adjust the fit and make the panel perfectly sized, and that pair he only charged me $80. I can take any pair of boots to him and have him customize them.” – Nancy Cavaliere

Columbus Shoe Repair
7905 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Vince’s Village Cobbler

“I have been going to Vince’s Village Cobbler since 2020. I found them through my sister who found them through their Instagram profile. For most runs of the mill cobbler jobs they are reasonably priced. However, they do amazing work with specialty projects and those will be a bit higher priced. I have gone to get shoes resoled, had my leather handbags taken care of, and have had leather bags retooled to look brand new again. When you go in there to either get a price quote or drop off items, they are always very welcoming and happy to see you. If you want to see amazing craftsmanship, definitely check out their Instagram account.” – Nicole LaMoreaux

Vince's Village Cobbler
125 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012
(646) 449-8821

Michael's Shoe Repair

“I’ve been bringing all shoes to Michael for over 20 years. I haven’t bought any clothes (but underwear) new for 15 years at least, but I do invest in new shoes. The first thing I do every single pair (2 or 3 x year) is bring them to Michael for soling.

He has mended everything over the years, including notably a pair of fine-grained Ann Demeulemeester platform wedge boots with covered leather studs, which I’d completely worn to pieces. He restored them, including recovering the exposed metal studs, and rebuilding the heel, that was not only tattered but architecturally unstable. I have no idea how he did this (and I’m a mender). He’s rebuilt stacked leather platforms, wooden clogs, cheapo trashy shoes, fine straps with teeny buckles--everything, and I also get new keepers on belts and anything leather bag related. In short, Michael has never made a single less-than-perfect repair.

Not sure how his rates compare because I’d never go anywhere else, but it seems reasonable, around $20-$50. It’s wonderful to see Michael’s son in the place now, who I think will be taking over when his dad retires; he seems every bit as talented, and just as willing to talk about treads and zipper mechanisms in nerdish detail.” – Kate Sekules

Michael's Shoe Repair
319 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 243 0288

North 11th Shoe Repair

“A friend recommended North 11 to me a couple of years ago when I bought a pair of leather boots off of Depop. They were Steve Madden boots from the 90s and the rubber sole was dried out and crumbling apart. I took them to North 11, and the owner gave them a brand new heel/sole and they looked brand new. They were also a bit tight on me, so he stretched them half a size. I remember being pleasantly surprised by the price.” – Cori Cea / Attic Vintage NY

North 11th Shoe Repair
103 N 10th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(718) 599-7463

Before: Gucci dress with red wine stains
Before: Gucci dress with red wine stains

Dry Cleaners


“I work for a fashion archival and storage company that has used Jeeves for years as our preferred dry cleaner for vintage and designer clothing. Their price point is a bit higher than average but it is run by a father-son-duo who are fantastic and they are very knowledgeable and friendly.” – Tara Hopp

1318 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10128

JLopez Dry Cleaning

“JLopez Dry Cleaning is a staple of the neighborhood around the Wilson stop off the L train. I used to manage a popular restaurant & bar nearby and folks would always come by saying they had moved but they always come back to the neighborhood to do their dry cleaning with JLopez, since they’re the best. I started using them a while ago and they do fantastic work. They get stains out, smells out, their prices are below market, and they do tailoring. They’re really nice people & their family has been in this area of Bushwick for ages. So it feels great to support them. So now that I own a vintage clothing store around the corner, we bring all of our dry cleaning there! Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!” – Sara Fantry, co-owner of Protection Spell

“My experiences with J Lopez have always been super positive! Their services are great and affordable, and they always greet you with the friendliest vibes. The dry cleaning is spot on and the few formal gowns they’ve hemmed for me have been done well and pretty quickly. However, my highlight was a dry cleaning order of 8+ pieces that needed love after going through a fire in my building. They either go wet from the fire department’s work or stinky from the fire fumes. Some of them were vintage items that were easily 40+ years old! Every garment came back looking and smelling great without new damage. I highly recommend!” – Irene Fernández

JLopez Dry Cleaning
619A Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11207
(347) 789-1211


”I have been using Kingbridge for at least 10-15 years. Kingbridge was recently featured in NYT, it’s a family biz with its own plant/facility in the Navy Yard. Not the cheapest but the best! Most professional.

This 1970s Marimekko dress was really soiled when I got it and they did an amazing job cleaning it. I usually hand wash Marimekko myself, but was afraid to mess up the inside, so I sent it to them, and it looks great now.” – Cinthia Birkhead, Room 6 Vintage


220 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10014
(212) 989 3673

202 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 625 1438



Eva Joan Repair

“They’re the best! They restored my brother’s fringe cowboy jacket for my son, Raphael. I also took my late grandfather’s favorite hat to them to be embroidered. Their shop is amazing, owned and run by young women. So creative and fun. They also sell vintage items they’ve embellished with their own whimsical designs.” – Nat Johnson

Eva Joan Repair
28 Jane St
New York, NY 10014

Attire Alterations by Andrea

“I’ve been using Andrea’s services for four or five years now. She recently started her own independent business, Attire Alterations by Andrea. I recommend Andrea because she not only does excellent work but she’s very clear about what’s possible. I’ve learnt a lot from her about garment construction. She’s also very generous with her recommendations for other businesses for work she doesn’t do, like leather repairs. Her prices are very reasonable.

One memorable alteration she did was more like a remake. I was gifted a skirt that fit me perfectly but I wasn’t wild about the colours. So together we collaborated adding pockets and a waistband of a colour I liked. We transformed it into a skirt I’m happy to wear.” – Justine Larbalestier

Attire Alterations by Andrea
611 Broadway Suite 538
New York, NY 10012,
(347) 259-1353
Open by appointment