Best Vintage Stores In Los Angeles

Where to shop vintage in Los Angeles area? Check out the tips for best flea markets, vintage shopping, and more.
Best Vintage Stores In Los Angeles

We asked some well-known LA vintage aficionados to share their favorite stores in the city of angels. The stores are arranged in different categories: Accessories, Designer Vintage, Thrift, Workwear etc.

If you want more tips where to thrift and shop vintage in Los Angeles area, check out our LA Vintage Map. It lists all the city’s thrift, vintage, and resale stores plus flea markets. Browse stores by category or neighborhood and read recommendations by LA vintage experts.

20s to 40s Vintage

Whimsical Finds – Golyester

“They have quite a few items different from what you find in other places. They have established things like bakelite jewelry, wicker bags, and items from the early 20s, 30s, and 40s that I’ve never seen before. When I come here, there’s so much to look at I feel like time goes by faster than usual.” – Akina Sato

For Ladies & Gents Alike – Starday Vintage

“I dream about this shop. The beautiful lucite purses, the trinkets, the color-coordinated racks. This place is like stepping into a beautiful vintage archive. So many wonderful and well-preserved treasures to find here!” – Jamee Jones

“This beautiful shop is filled to the brim with vintage treasures organized by decade. There is quite a big selection of vintage menswear, hats and accessories in all sizes and styles!” – Ari Seth Cohen

60s & 70s Vintage

Eclectic Finds – Cannonball & Tilly

“Eclectic Vintage Heaven. Whether you are searching for a sky-high chapeau or some glitzy garb for a night on the town, this store’s racks of magical accouterment will keep you perusing for hours.” – Ari Seth Cohen

80s and 90s Vintage

Rare T-Shirts & More – Soft Humans

“I love chatting with Dom about 80s and 90s menswear, the silhouettes and details, and how hard it is to find. But somehow, he manages to get his hands on those pieces. He has an impressive collection of rare t-shirts and his houseware selections make me wish I had multiple homes to decorate. This shop definitely speaks to me.” – Liz Baca


Market Man – Millersroom

“Shop by appointment at Millersroom downtown Los Angeles studio or find them at various markets around the city. The garments are always delicious and the owner, Marquise Miller is sure to charm you. Black-owned.” – Jamee Jones

Everyday Vintage – Cool and Casual Studios

“In the same studio space as Millersroom is another Black Owned boutique, Cool and Casual Studios. Find staple and special pieces here that are meant to be worn any day.” – Jamee Jones


70s to 90s Old Stock – Meow Vintage

“Kathleen is one of my favorite cats in the biz, an OG in the game, and a badass. Her focus is on old-stock merchandise, which is like a vintage dealer’s wet dream. The stories & polaroid pictures of her traveling and digging old-stock in the 80s and 90s are the best. Keep in mind those are the days when we didn’t have cellphones or navigation devices. Yup, the good old days of yellow pages and cold calls. Her hard work and dedication to the game can be found in her perfectly curated shop in Long Beach. Her collection spans decades and has an emphasis on FUN! I dare you to not leave her shop smiling.” – Liz Baca

“A wide range of vintage, from the 40s to 90s. There are so many cuties items that you want to collect. It’s a colorful and casual store, and the owner Kat has been collecting vintage for years but still makes sure to enjoy fashion. She’s an inspiring person to me and I love the way she approaches life.” – Akina Sato

Designer Vintage

Museum Worthy – Replika

“Danny Flynn’s cathedral of over-the-top vintage pieces which could be in a museum. Lots of Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler, Margiela, and Gaultier.” – Sissy Chacon

“I love Danny. His curation is incredible. If he would allow me to move into his showroom, I would. It’s literally all my 80s & 90s fashion fantasies come true, everything I ever wanted as a teenager he has. And as a grown adult, I still want it all. It’s like being in the most exclusive, underground nightclub. You feel transported to another time. It might actually be a portal now that I think about it. Oh! And it’s by appointment only but really you should know somebody that knows somebody.” – Liz Baca

vintage teal sweatshirt

Japanese and Belgian Vintage – Scout LA

“Joey Grana’s immaculately curated uber cool world of vintage where you can find geniusly crafted vintage from the likes of Margiela, Comme, Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake.” – Sissy Chacon

Whimsical & Romantic – Corner Store

“This is a little chapel of vintage founded by the inimitable Stacey Nishimoto. Her singular voice resonates throughout the racks of vintage which live alongside designs from her eponymous line of ruffled dresses, corsets, and deluxe pajamas.” – Sissy Chacon

Flea Markets

Biggest Flea Market – Rose Bowl

“Designers and vintage fans from all over the world come to LA’s biggest flea market. I sell here, and it’s a place where you can hunt for the best finds in the world.” – Akina Sato

“If you’re planning a trip to LA, plan it around the second Sunday of the month so you can shop at The Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena. This sprawling outdoor event attracts the greatest of die-hard vendors selling excellent vintage clothing and furniture.” – Sissy Chacon

Coziest Flea Market – Long Beach Antique Market

“Smaller than Rose Bowl, but with more local flavor. It’s a more relaxed market with household goods, furniture, and random things.” – Akina Sato

Young Vibes – Los Feliz Flea

Bodega Blvd are one of my favorite vendors selling regularly at Los Feliz Flea. Think mod. Think disco. Think bold prints and fun, bright pieces. Suggie and Alaijsha have a keen eye for fits and relics of the past.” – Jamee Jones

Contemporary Designer

From Ganni to Gucci – Gift of Garb

“You may find some vintage jewelry here but it is mostly where all the cool eastside ladies consign their gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can usually find very cool pieces by all of the designers you’d find at Mohawk General Store plus luxury labels like Gucci and Prada.” – Sissy Chacon

Gem Story image
Gem Story image
Gem Story image

Rare Collectibles

Rare Gems – Vintage On Hollywood

“There is so much rare and amazing vintage here, it makes my head spin! I always find something I want. Hawaiian shirts and dresses, East-West, custom denim, and all kinds of one-of-a-kind items. It’s an inspiration store to me.” – Akina Sato

Best Thrifting

Everyone’s Favorite – Squaresville

“I have been going to Squaresville since 2003. At one time, I was nicknamed “Disney Liz” by the staff as I would always buy anything Mickey Mouse they had. They always have a fun mix of merchandise and an equal mix of price points. Literally something for everyone. The fact that they also buy and trade merchandise is another way they make shopping there friendly. The owner, Reiko, has always kept the store staffed with a fun mix of folks that only add to the unique flavor of this Los Feliz staple. Squaresville is an experience, you should definitely go feel the vibe.” – Liz Baca

“This store is curated with such great finesse. Modern, funky, classic and eclectic. The selection of pieces here never disappoints. This is my #1 stop when I’m looking for a fun statement piece to add to my wardrobe. Buy/Sell/Trade. I’ve sold a small portion of my vintage collection here before and they ended up buying 80% of my items so shoutout to the buyer(s).” – Jamee Jones

“Half my wardrobe comes from this thrift wonderland. Great price points and you never know what you are going to find amongst an endless array of rotating getups and goodies.” – Ari Seth Cohen

Vintage Accessories

Best in Burbank – Playclothes

“My absolute hands-down favorite vintage store. Warning: may cause blurred vision, increased heart rate, and unexpected purchases. The hat and accessories collection is absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I never leave here without a handful of wondrous wears. Work up an appetite shopping racks of exquisite vintage and then head over to Pinocchio Italian Deli across the way for a scrumptious snack.” – Ari Seth Cohen


True Classics - Western Gifts

“Garret’s small and mighty shop satisfies my love of the perfectly imperfect as well as time-honored classics. There is a lot of honor and appreciation going on in this space. His focus on French workwear is unique and appreciated. He’ll have old-stock examples of chore jackets and slacks to pieces that have been mended and repaired and then mended again, showing you how people would put love into making what they had last. It’s the mended pieces I love most, some are Frankenstein-like, adding a sleeve from flannel to a sweater and so on. All in the name of making it last. And then there’s bits of Victorian whites, 60s stripes, 70s Ralph Lauren suiting next to old military & camping duds. They all sit in harmony, like a museum collection. Clearly that’s Garetts eye for curation, C’est Magnifique!” – Liz Baca

Americana and more – Raggedy Threads

“Full of cool clothes that are a little beat up in the best way. If you’re looking for overalls, coveralls, military, or other comfy casual vintage, then this is your place. The vintage you find here really makes you think about the story of each item. The owner/buyer Jaime is a true collector, and she has one of the biggest Buddy Lee collections around.” – Akina Sato

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